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tv   After the Bell  FOX Business  September 30, 2015 4:00pm-5:01pm EDT

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today, dived and melissa. we're seeing a big move to the upside on stocks. david: it isn't over yet. this is great way to begin it. market is gaining big time to end a lousy quarter. [closing bell ringing] melissa: we're closing out the worst quarter in four years. we have green on the screen. we'll tell you what to expect next quarter as we put this one behind us. david: a lot of other news. conflict between russia and united states over the skies of syria. we have that covered from stem to stern. melissa: but first, stocks on track to end the day on a high note. rallying as the closing bell sound on wall street. but it has been an ugly quarter. david: awful. melissa: here's look where we are ending the day. dow right now is up 229 points. so good day today. s&p 500, trading up 35 points. up 1.8%. nasdaq is coming back 2.3%. david. david: not a bad comeback at all. we got you covered wall numbers you need to know.
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gerri willis is breaking down this mess of a third quarter and what was hit the hardest? todd horowitz, chief strategist knows why commodities are getting crushed. first we have lori rothman. she has the good news. last day of an awful quarter ending up almost 200 points. >> yes, david. there was buying into the close. there was pretty significant buyside imbalance. a lot of options coming in for that. dow at the best levels the session. folks here on the floor are take -- talking about a relief rally. so many are beaten down. energy, consumer discretionary. it was top second are to. all top 10 s&p sectors were in the green. health care, all of the sectors with such a tough month were picked up today in again what they're characterizing today as a relief rally. of course we've got jobs data coming at us towards the end of the week, but if you look at big
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pictures nothing changed. similar concerns with economy, interest rates, geopolitics. investors looking at calendar seeing this as excuse to buy. stocks down -- yields creeping up. all the similar factors at play for a response. david: by the way, the dow would have to rally 1600 point to wipe out all the loss this is quarter. melissa: that is possible. come on! david: it was a good day. not quite that good. lori, thank you. >> you bottom it. melissa: we're ending the worst quarter in four years, wow. gerri willis, are you standing by? >> that's right. melissa, let me tell you this has been a terrible quarter. stocks generally down 9%. we'll break it down. dow down 9%. s&p down 8.8. nas down 8.9%. no matter how you look at it opening quarterly statement today or tomorrow, might want a shot of jack daniels beside you. there is a lot of pain. four years ago, same selloff,
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2011, third quarter was just as bad, right? stocks went higher as much as 12%. if you're thinking selling off, get out of stocks entirely on this, you better wait because history shows that that doesn't necessarily mean that the selloff is going to continue. just a note here, that over the course of the quarter, caterpillar, was a lagging stock. nike, home depot, mcdonald's leading. consumers, that is where everybody is placing their bets right now. melissa. melissa: you might want a shot of jack daniels anyway, gerri. i don't know. >> well -- david: i have some in my office if you want a little nip later on. melissa: really? david: yeah i do. when janet yellen worries about deflation, she looks apt commodities crushed so far this year. only go major. coulds in the green for 2015. let's bring in trader todd horowitz. we'll talk about commodities but first i have to ask, why aren't my grocery bills are getting cheaper? if commodities are down 14, 15,
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20%, i'm still paying same at grocery store. >> hi, david, melissa. here is what we have. report is only ex-food and energy. grocery stores don't realize prices are crushed. coffee is down over 50% this year. david: when i go to starbucks, cup of coffee is same price. >> they don't bring prices down. they don't count that as inflation. overall price at retail is going higher. we always take ex-food and energy. hard to make them realize we're paying more for goods and services. >> what is the sign commodities are getting crushed? is it china, slowdown in the world economy, what? >> a big sign of a weakening economy. a sign that the markets are themselves weakening. possibly less demand. producers having trouble producing. we can't afford foods. theory without, interest rates spector where we are zero, nobody can borrow money. we're having trouble producing
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goods. david: does it change with interest rate rise? >> if interest rates start to rise, we'll see definitely change. stock market might sell off first but overall economy is much better. david: will gold go up when we see interest rates? >> gold will go up soon anyways. yes, i think it will. david: finally, the turn around, when it comes, does this mean more inflation or what? >> i think it should be something more general. inflation is relative term. we're inflating our own prices. we're paying more as you said for food and energy. i think we'll see prices rise. if they rise into production, where the producers make more anyone. david: rise at retail we all make more none any. david: you buy low. anything we should buy? >> buy silver right here. buy grains right here. david: todd, thank you very much. melissa: stay right here. we'll bring in rest of the panel. jonathan hoenig of capitalist pig hedge fund. david kudlow, james frischling of new oak capital. nasdaq and subpoena 500 ending
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down 15%. what can you expect for october, that is the main thing people care about? david, let me start with you, what do you think? >> tell you what, melissa. i'm here in michigan, fall hunting season is underway, but i never seen more bears coming out woods but i don't get it. we think volatility will continue into october but we think the fourth quarter, this is not 2000. this is not 2007. this is a 2011 type year where the fourth quarter we will have a rally and what we've had here, are correction in price and correction in time. that's all it is. it is not the start to a new bear market. melissa: james, do you agree with that. >> i do. i'm very much in david's camp. china, as gerry was commenting, you guys talked at top of the show, about a 10% pullback. market can't always go one way. china is certainly justification for some of that. uncertainty around the fed is good justification. but at end of the day we're seeing good economic data especially here at home.
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some commodity prices todd commentinged on very good for number of sectors in the u.s. what is the benefit, problem for one company is benefit for example, of falling oil, boom to the airlines. we actually believe fourth quarter will be productive one, expect higher levels in the markets before this year is done. melissa: jonathan, do you agree with them? no we were due, we were due for correction, melissa. it had been four plus years since we even got a 10% correction so we were due. we definitely have seen as panel talks about, risk-off quarter. it was commodities. it was emerging markets. it was a lot of high yield, the junk bonds. i tell you, that's what i'm looking at right now. i think markets don't change because the calendar changes. unless we see a turnaround in some of the internals. again the high yield, junk bonds i think those are telling very nervous story for october which is generally a pretty bad month as well. melissa: jonathan, given that, what would you do? >> i think cash is not trash, melissa. i know it is not fun or
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interesting especially with interest rates at or near zero. the fact from my perspective hard to find stocks doing well. even today, more than twice as many now lows, fifth two week highs as 52-week lows. melissa: todd what do you think? >> i'm on myself alone. i think we're going much lower. i think we see a lot of trouble. we don't have real growth. corporations buying back stock. we have artificial growth. the jobs numbers although may be big are not really that good because we're seeing minimum wage jobs. more layoffs than anything else i think we're going much lower. melissa: you're describing circumstances we've been seeing all along. does that mean what happens is predicated what the fed does, david? >> well, look at where we are just to address what todd said. look where we are in the economic cycle. we had 3.9% in the gdp growth in
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the second quarter. good growth in the third quarter. business lending is at all-time high. housing doing the best since 2008. we have jobless claims that are the lowest in decades, and lowest as percentage of the workforce. now, we need more wage growth, we know that but if you look how strong the economy is, you know you're talking about, also, todd, talking about commodity deflation around the world, that is a headwind to those emerging market nations. their currencies and commodity producers is tailwind to the u.s. melissa: todd, you said opposite what you just said. are you looking different data sets? >> this is what we got putting $4 trillion into the market. this is what we got with a fed putting in $4 trillion. data doesn't support it way i'm looking at it. certainly technical chart don't support it. melissa: jonathan, go ahead. >> quickly, mentioned technical charts. if real estate is doing so well, how come almost every reit i can see either at 52-week low or
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near a 52-week low? that is not good harbinger for economic data down the line. >> i'm talking about housing. not real estate investment trusts. two different things. >> two different things? they seem correlated to me. melissa: james, go ahead. >> john is only trash is cash rhymes. david, you're a brother from another mother. we like housing. i don't want to talk about the market as blanket statement it is all bad or previously was all good. what is good for one sector might prove to be problematic for another. earlier talking about problems with coffee and the plummeting of coffee prices. guess what? starbucks benefits from that. so i think a little bit of sector selection and company selection is what we would like to see people focusing on. it is not all bad. companies such as financials, housing health care. melissa: real quick, tell me each what number one sector is right now. david? >> i will buy biotech right here. melissa: yeah. jonathan?
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>> short leveraged loans. look at bkln on the downside. short that stock as i am. melissa: todd? >> commodities. melissa: james? >> housing. melissa: interesting stuff, thanks, guys. david: biotech pick. that is aggressive. few other stories we've been following here, chinese billionaire who is once accused of collaborating in a scheme to bring millions of foreign fund to the democratic national committee has been arrested in new york for illegally bringing $4.5 million into the country. mr. sang is a chinese real estate developer worth estimated $1.8 billion. his attorneys deny any wrongdoing but a judge assigned to the case denied bail to the man saying he is a flight risk. stay tuned for this one. meanwhile twitter cofounder jack dorsey is expected to be made the company's permanent ceo. dorsey has been serving on interim basis for the past three months of the stock jumped on
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the news up more than 5%. >> shares of ralph lauren soared after the news that lauren is stepping down. the stock is down 44% this year. melissa? melissa: breaking news. new batch of hillary clinton emails just released from the state department. here now is peter barnes with more on that. peter. >> reporter: melissa, that's right. this is the fifth release of clinton emails by the sate department, the latest trunch 30,000 emails sent through her personal email account while she was secretary of state. it is 3800 new emails the department released largely covering her work from late 2010 to early 2011 with the department sticking to the plan releasing emails in largely chronological order. during that period she was working on the arab spring democracy movement, buildup of nato intervention in libya, wikileak release of tens of thousands of classified diplomatic cables. this batch does not cover 2012
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benghazi attacks. just want to point that out though the department turned over hundreds of clinton emails on libya to the special house committee investigating the attack. in the emails today the department retroactively redacted 215 of them because they retained classified secret information that should not have been sent under department rules through her private account. and that adds to the 118 other emails -- 188 other emails, retroactively classified in previous releases. here is one example of today, in today's email dump. on object 16th, 2011, there was an email exchange between secretary clinton and one of her top aides jake clinton. it was about palestinian, president of palestine, president abbas, and under department rules, any kind of discussion of another foreign government leader is supposed to
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be automatically classified. we're still, of course, combing through these. we'll get you more details as we get them. back to you guys. melissa: peter, thank you so much for that. david: a lot of political implications to that story. never stops. melissa: absolutely. russia and the u.s. fighting for air rights over syria as it launches airstrikes in the region of the how will the u.s. respond to russia's power play? david: could the teamsters go for trump? the teamsters not coming out in support for hillary clinton. what does this mean for the election? melissa: and, the new carl's, jr., ad, causing, let me slow down while i read this. david: thank you, thank you. melissa: quite a picture. >> black angus beef and bacon? so tex. roasted peppers and onions? it is so mex. let's settle this. the promise of the cloud is that every organization
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melissa: taking the russians at their word, defense secretary ash carter coming out in defense of the kremlin. this is hours after moscow ordered u.s. jets out of syria. fox news's jennifer griffin has exclusive details from the pentagon. jennifer, you're the first to break the news of the russian demarsh. what happened at the meeting in the u.s. embassy in baghdad? >> u.s. military source described meeting to me as kurt, stern around direct. the marsh, diplomatic appeal was formal and involved a translator. the russian general used word please according to written transcript of the meeting. needless to say the pentagon i'm told was caught off-guard. russian warplanes began dropping bombs within an hour after the russian three-star general
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entered u.s. embassy in baghdad, delivering the demarsh, requesting u.s. planes stop flying in northern syria. the russian general said if you have forces in the area we request they leave. the russian general was from the military cell we first reported on that russia had established with syria and iran last week. another, that was another surprise for the u.s. embassy in baghdad, melissa. melissa: wow. how did the military respond this morning? >> it sent them scrambling. it was unexpected to say the least. i got woken upat 4:15 a.m. with the tip just occurred. washington was caught off guard. centcom said u.s. warplanes will not comply with the russian demarsh. they continued operating in northern syria carrying out one airstrike near aleppo. quoting, today's demarsh will no, no way change our operation. >> i take the russians at their word. they're exceptionally clear
4:20 pm
about what they're saying and their actions now seem to reflect what they were going to do. my problem it isn't i don't understand they're doing. my problem i think what they're doing is going to backfire and is counterproductive. >> according to the pentagon, melissa, there are no isis targets in the cities where russia is striking. the defense secretary wouldn't say, as much from the podium just now. he has ordered his team, however to, keep talking to the russian counterparts. melissa? melissa: wow, jennifer, thank you so much for that report. david? david: wonderful scoop. other stories on our radar. the vatican confirmed during his voice to it the united states the pope met privately with kim davis, the kentucky county clerk who refused to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples. the vatican says they discussed bravery and exchanged hugs an promises of prayer. palestinian authority president mahmoud abbas declared it is no longer bound by peace
4:21 pm
accords that kept things quiet there recently. speaking before the u.n. he accused israel of violating the oslo accords and said that if israel won't obey the rules, they won't either. federal appeals court today said the ncaa violated antitrust laws by limiting student athlete pay, but the court also ruled against a plan to pay student athlete as much as $5,000 annually, essentially, a plague on both your houses. probably more rulings will come. melissa. melissa: hurricane joaquin is barreling towards the east coast. all the latest on that is coming up. and tesla unveiling its new suv. look at those bat wings. look at that! we got all the details. it even comes with radar and sonar system. that is all next. ♪
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david: it has been a relatively slow hurricane season. hurricane walk keen making its way towards the u.s. intensifying on the east coast. rick reichmuth is in the storm center with the very latest. rick? >> very interesting storm to watch. we made it through the hurricane season without a lot going on, david but we could have one with large impacts across the eastern seaboard. this is the storm across parts of the bahamas. it is strengthening quite a bit. at least over the last day or so. will likely continue to do so. not out of the question we'll look at major hurricane somewhere over the next say 48 hours. here's what we've got going on. two different possibilities with this storm. one is that is tracks out to sea, stays away from the eastern seaboard bringing rain but no direct impacts. the one we see it make a direct landfall across mid-atlantic. reason we bring this up because
4:26 pm
there are two major computer models, there are a number of computer models, one of them the euro which is really reliable computer model. consistently been keeping this away from shore. so if that continues, we won't say for sure it won't make landfall. if that trends in the way the far majority of other computer models are doing we'll have much better guidance here. look at this, somewhere right now, most of the guidance showing landfall somewhere around the north carolina, into virginia area. that could shove a lot of water up the chesapeake bay. potentially talking about category 2, category 3 hurricane. in fact saturday morning official forecast is category 3 hurricane, dave. of the center of storm, don't look at this too much. we're talking about either right side of this solution or very left side of this. that could have big impacts across a lot of population. melissa: wow. david: we're already having flooding in new jersey. this will be more rain on already wetland. >> flooding really nothing to do
4:27 pm
with this storm. throw this storm on top of that. we could watch a major problem this week. david: rick, thank you very much. melissa: tesla unveiled its brand new suv called the model x. its falcon-winged doors, have sensors to clear obstacles such as garage ceilings. comes with air filtration system that fills the vehicle with medical grade air. i like sound of that. sonar and radar systems to allow it to run on autopilot. all that technology doesn't come cheap. the prices start at $132,000. wow. that's a lot. okay. david: unbelievable. melissa: chipolte xxl. the ad campaign slamming your favorite burr right toe. -- burrito. talk about a debbie downer in. david: i will vote for chipolte. trick or trumped. seems they should be supporting "the donald." we'll tell you why. it's one of the most amazing
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david: a dramatic escalation between the tension between russia and united states. moscow orders u.s. planes out of northern syria after apparently russian jets began launching airstrikes on syrian rebels, the ones we're supporting, not isis. we have chris harmer, institute
4:32 pm
for study of war. kt mcfarland, fox news security analyst and fox news's lea gabrielle, a former navy pilot. we have a all-star group. none of this, lea, is coordinated in any way with the united states bombing. it was clear when our defense secretary came out, looked like reeling having been slapped by the russians s there any danger our flyovers over the samier to could interfere, possibly even bump into the russian fly-overs? >> david, i flew for the navy. even when working with our own allies we coordinate with them. when working with friends, working with people that we're actually in a coalition with, we are coordinating. there is absolutely a danger. this goes back to the meeting between president putin and president obama, readout they agreed they should coordinate. david: that was a bunch of bull. thats with a total bunch of bull. >> right. david: either we accepted lies of russian or u.s.
4:33 pm
administration was lying when they said they coordinated stuff. >> you have to consider what it must be like for pilot, commanding officers -- david: putting our pilots on the line, their lives on the line. >> what are the rules of engagement if they're encountered in country. david: kt, who is russia bombing? they claim they're bombing isis is. the syrian rebels that are not affiliated with isis saying that is not true. >> they're bombing american allies, the syrian free army, the people we're they're to support. if there is a crisis that happens, then what? what happens if the russians, by mistake, shoot down an american drone, american aircraft. david: what do you think happens? >> i don't know what happens but we could be there in 24 hours. david: is that war? against russia? i mean this is big-time stakes here. >> why the stakes are so high. i understand the odds. the stakes i don't like. look how putin behaves, this is how he does crises. when he had olympics, right, right after the olympics he moved into crimea.
4:34 pm
go back to 2008, right after that he moved on to -- david: chris, i understand what he got out of ukraine, what he got out of crimea. he wanted that territory ever since the demise of soviet union. what does he get out of syria? i don't understand, he raised stakes so high, for what? >> primary thing he gets out of, only support of arab ally, bashar al-assad of syria. he is setting up honey pot in syria, attracting jihadi fighters out of southern russia to go to syria. russians have a problem on southern border, the more chechens flow to syria to fight against isis troops, better for russians. russians set up shop. chechens will be honor bound to go fight there. david: let me play a sound bite from other than donald trump, kt i'm not convinced we want to be on the side of the russians but take a listen what donald trump
4:35 pm
has to say about this. >> we spent $2 trillion, thousand of lives, wounded warriors all over and putin is now taking over what we started and he is going into syria and he frankly wants to fight isis, and i think that is a wonderful thing. i said that a year ago, everybody said oh, that is terrible. if he wants to fight isis, let him fight isis. david, should we get out and give it to the russians? what do you say, kt. >> if you have one enemy fighting another don't stand in the middle to try to stop them. putin, on the other hand if he succeeds destroying isis and being strong outside power in the middle east, not only is he controlling the middle east, but what comes from the middle east? russian oil plus iranian and iraqi oil. david: the other problem is not going after isis. going after the opposition we're in favor of. >> you have to look at bigger picture what he is doing. we've seen putin projecting power. when you project power, big game of bluff.
4:36 pm
>> yes. >> u.s. is failing of bluff. red lines were crossed. we did nothing. putin is playing this game. we don't know if it is bluffing game or real game. that is the problem. david: these people know what they're talking about. >> watch ukraine. david: watch ukraine? something else going on in ukraine. word of warning. >> quickly to that, there is a port in syria that russia controls. they don't want to lose that that is the past reason they took crimea. david: thanks very much, gang. melissa, over to you. melissa: the house votes any minute to meet a crucial midnight deadline to avert government shutdown. the senate voted to pass temporary budget earlier to keep the government funded until september 11th. spending bill clearing procedural vote in the house. expected to pass with just hours to spare before the end of the last day of fiscal year. the real showdown though, might be a few months away. peter barnes has the latest from d.c. peter? >> melissa, that's right. the house is expected to pass
4:37 pm
that short term stopgap spending bill in the next 20 minutes or so, by the top of the hour. the senate overwhelmingly approved that measure this morning. 78-20. the president is expected to sign the bill before midnight, before the government loses its spending authority on this, the last day of fiscal 2015. avoiding a government shutdown. the bill does not strip planned parenthood of its federal funding as many conservative republicans are demanding but critics and supporters are right now voting on a separate resolution on that issue, which is expected to pass along party lines. >> what we do here is to continue to hold a cap on what we need to move forward and more importantly, than that, what we do from the other side of the aisle is to threaten the government shutdown over the issue of women's health. >> why take up this bill when votes just aren't there in the senate? the answer is simple.
4:38 pm
because i believe as long as there is an opportunity before us to defund planned parenthood, we should take it. >> so this separate resolution defunding planned parenthood will now go to the senate but it is likely to die there. looks like this funding fight will continue and face another vote in december. nice, back to you. melissa: thank you so much. >> you bet. melissa: wealthiest americans make their annual mark but one tech titan breaking into "forbes" 20710. details coming up. cheeky game of border ball all things to a burger. new commercial causing all the hype. david: slowly [ male announcer ] eligible for medicare?
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♪ call today. remember, medicare supplement insurance helps cover some of what medicare doesn't pay. expenses that could really add up. these kinds of plans could save you in out-of-pocket medical costs. you'll be able to choose any doctor who accepts medicare patients. and there are virtually no referrals needed. so don't wait. with all the good years ahead, look for the experience and commitment to go the distance with you. call now to request your free decision guide. this easy-to-understand guide will answer some of your questions and help you find the aarp medicare supplement plan that's right for you. melissa: big news for all of you twitter fans. the company is developing a new product that will allow to you send tweets longer than 140 characters. which is the current limit. you know that.
4:42 pm
we tweet back and forth all the time, you and me. will this lure in new users? joining me bruce terkel, turkel brands, jonathan hoenig, capitalist hedge fund. bruce, what do you think about this? good idea? >> cause as big problem for me. for years my wife it selling me size does not matter. >> come on. >> now it is just an email. i understand why they're doing it but the whole creativity was in the brevity. so i don't get it. melissa: jonathan, good or bad? >> i agree. it is not just creativity was in the brevity. you have always been able to post long rambling messages on facebook and other social media servers this made this company appealing. it epitomized 140 characters whole way we communicate. short, to the point. one of the reasons the stock has been weak of late. i wouldn't buy it. melissa: stick to your knitting and brand. that's what we say. you have seen this ad, haven't you? burritos in disguise. latest attack against chipolte,
4:43 pm
center for consumer freedom. that name, i don't know about that. the group is accusing the company of misleading consumers how healthy their food its. bruce, i've been dying to hear your opinion on this one. >> turns out this is true, chipolte is the vw of the food business. melissa: oh. >> they're breaking people's hearts. they told people if you're eating this doing the right thing. you're doing healthy thing. if it turns out it is not true, this will be a terrible, terrible thing for their brand. melissa: what do you mean if it turns out it isn't true? if you go have giant burrito in chipolte, you will get fat? that is what the ads are telling you? >> isn't that the way it works, something is low-calorie -- melissa: bo ahead, bruce. finish. i will come to you, jonathan. >> i have a friend, why don't people mind the snack bars. you eat seven or eight of them, they fill you up. melissa: exactly. >> if you eat wrong you gain weight. chipolte says if you don't you
4:44 pm
won't. now they say there is regulations. >> jonathan, i totally disagree and have giant meal, you're bursting out of your clothes you eight a lot -- ate a lot or whether it is healthy god or not, it is a lot of calories. i don't anything here is news. people go to chipolte they want fresh vegetables and tomatoes instead after fried cheeseburger at mcdonald's? >> this september at thatting to be morgan spurlock of chipolte, "super-size me." if you have a 2,000-calorie burrito every day lo and behold you gain weight. this that is the other idea. this is anti-business, anti-industry company. melissa: we have to end up. we'll get to the most important story. carl, jr.'s releasing latest very sexy commercial. this time bikini babes playing volleyball on the u.s.-mexico border. i'm supposed to say why is this burger chain getting political.
4:45 pm
i don't think anyone who watches ad, let's let it keep going is thinking about politics. while they're watching this. bruce turkel, are they getting political or are they getting cheeky? >> they're getting attention. i mean, really what they're doing is playing up taco bell's tag line. this would make me run for the border. as as i like to look at t and a, most guys do, in this day and age, 2015 we should be beyond this. they're using it to get attention. watch them because of politics. watch it for the girls. watch it because of the fannie pack. they want you to watch it. melissa: we edited this apparently. it gets even saucier at end. we seem not to show that part. my producer is showing a little -- >> best part. melissa: right. melissa: jonathan hoenig what do you think of this ad, good idea, bad idea? i don't think we take it down? jonathan what do you think? >> i'm sorry. engrossed, very engrossed just watching the adhere. who is carl's target customer?
4:46 pm
young men, 18 through 35. so, might seem a little distasteful to us present company not included. >> i'm not saying distasteful. did anyone notice the cheeseburger. does it matter that you don't notice that what cheeseburger at all? >> no, it doesn't. what is so interesting here is the emotion of it what works. back to chipolte, you were being rational. here you're emotional. it doesn't matter. what people feel. they feel it makes them fat. they feel you get the hot babe. that is what matters. emotional. >> that is their target audience. young men who eat this food. this imagery appeals to them and others as well. that is why the ad works. melissa: gentlemen, thanks to both of you. >> thank you. melissa: david? david: very, very good discussion. meanwhile "forbes" magazine unveiling its 34th annual forbes 400 list, ranking america's billionaires who have combined net worth of $2.34 trillion. this year the list had a requirement, the low bar that is, is 1.7 billion in order to
4:47 pm
get in there. cracking the top 10 for the first time is facebook founder mark zuckerberg. donald trump was very upset about this because he was listed as a little less than what he says he is worth. so he called up steve, complained. another group is the abouting cold feet on backing hillary clinton. coming up we'll tell you which company major group, a union once backed ronald reagan. hasn't backed a republican since. maybe backing donald trump? melissa: interesting. david: here's your chance to hit the jackpot literally. stay tuned to find out how much you could win if you buy a powerball lottery ticket today. ♪
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melissa: whether on wall street or main street here who is making money today. you might want to get a ticket for the powerball tonight. a $301 million jackpot is on the line in tonight's drawing there are only two drawings left before a change in powerball rules makes it much harder to win big. cash value of tonight's drawing? 191 million bucks. good luck to you. david: will put a buck at least worth a buck. meanwhile a key labor union is putting breaks on endorsing hillary clinton at least for now. teamsters holding back on endorsing here. they haven't endorse ad republican since way back in 1980 with ronald reagan. could they be courting republican frontrunner donald trump? could republicans get what they haven't had in 35 years, a big endorsement from the teamsters? >> we have mercedes schlapp, callan combs, host of the
4:52 pm
"alan colmes radio show" and rich louer i host -- "national review" editor. he won't make any comments about bodily parts. we'll get into that later. mercedes, first to you, you don't, i do, remember 1980 when the teamsters came out to endorse ronald reagan. it was huge back in 1980. but things have changed. i wonder if it means as much now as it did back then? what do you think? >> i think unions play important role in elections. they have organizational structure that really compete well in these elections this. is why the democrats want them. they to out there. they fet votes. they take people to the polls. they're very active. let's take the steam sisters. 1.4 million members that they have. david: they're tough. >> republican party, especially with governor walker he was anti-union, this is quite a shift from a donald trump who we know worked with unions in the past. david: alan, we should emphasize they haven't said they're not going to endorse hillary
4:53 pm
clinton. >> right. david: however, hillary's rejection of keystone pipeline played a role. >> it may have. they're waiting to see if joy biden jumps in. joe biden is no pro keystone pipeline. david: you're suggesting that joe biden might be in favor? >> we don't know what joe biden's personal stance. david: that is interesting. >> given the fact administration is not pro pipeline, very likely biden has same position hillary does. if they're waiting for biden -- david: which means they may go to trump. rich, your friend mr. trump, if he gets a nod, and i assume he is your friend, right? have you guys made up? >> i wouldn't quite go that far. [laughter] david: don't want to start anything else. but what happens if he does get the endorsement of the unions? >> first of all, even i would have to tip my hat to him, get -- david: even rich lowery? >> get teamster endorsement would be huge as we would say.
4:54 pm
i really doubt this would happen. this is another sign of a blinking green light for joe biden. this is party that wants a real race on democratic side. david: you don't think trump behind the scenes somehow calling up up with of his friend -- he probably has a history with the teamsters? >> if he is shrewd he is, for teamsters to go republican in this environment is enormously -- biden has relationship with unions going back a long time. >> for unions this is definitely a protest vote, right? we don't know if biden is going in. if joe biden goes in, teamsters line up with joe biden. richard trumka said very clearly -- david: head of afl-cio afl-cio. go ahead. >> correct. hillary clinton wants it both ways on tpp. not only wants to kill the cadillac tax for unions but -- david: hold on. that was an tempt to make up for what she did with the keystone. that is what that was all about because she hit them on keystone pipeline because they wanted
4:55 pm
keystone pipeline. she said no. okay, i will give you cadillac tax. i don't think it is working. >> i think that the teamsters are looking at donald trump saying he is talking about unfair trade deals. we like this guy. david: we have to wrap it quick last word. >> talking about a party taking positions. not talking about islam and abortion and -- david: oh please, alan. [all talking at once] david: making the best of a, sure to catch donald trump on "making money with charles payne." charles has "the donald" starting tomorrow at 6:00 p.m. eastern. we don't want to miss it. i saw rich lowery writing it down on his calendar. melissa? melissa: hillary clinton supporters caught red-handed. find out what supporters had to say when they were tricked into hearing what they thought was clinton's tax plan. ♪ or stop to find a bathroom? cialis for daily use is approved to treat
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the health care law gives us we're cracking down on medicare fraud. powerful tools to fight it. to investigate it. prosecute it. and stop criminals. our senior medicare patrol volunteers are teaching seniors across the country to stop, spot and report fraud. you can help. guard your medicare card. don't give out your card number over the phone. call to report any suspected fraud. we're cracking down on medicare fraud. let's make medicare stronger for all of us. >> watch this. so much for hillary clinton
4:59 pm
supporters. jimmy kimmel taking it to the street asking what they thought of her tax plan when it was really donald trump's plan. david: this is such a brilliant idea. caught red-handed, their reactions were priceless. >> do you support hillary's plan to eliminate the estate tax? >> yes, i do support that. >> do you support her plan to eliminate taxes for those who make less than $25,000 a year? >> i would support that, yes. >> do you support her plan to eliminate the alternative minimum tax? >> alternative minimum tax? yeah, i support that. >> what would you say if i told you those are all donald trump's policies. >> i wouldn't believe you. >> they are? >> i support donald trump then. >> what if i told you they were all donald trump's policies? >> oh, god. i hate him. [laughing] david: he was honest. the guy was honest, when he realized. >> she was honest too. i hate him. david: didn't say, you vote for the policies that you think will make the country work better, right? >> i guess.
5:00 pm
unless you think the politician is lying, about what they're really growing to do and watching for integrity, this and that, might vote for person. david: kudos to kimmel. what a great idea that was to do. >> absolutely. that does it for us. "risk & reward" starts right now deirdre: the email releases getting wider. thousands more emails from hillary clinton have just been released. the details of which could hurt her struggling presidential campaign. welcome to risk and reward, i'm deirdre bolton. the state department revealing another group of nearly 4,000 emails from the former secretary of state in her dealings, late 2010, early 2011, ranging in communications from libya to palestine. fox business's peter barnes with the very latest. peter, what are you reading? >> deirdre, that's right. this is fifth release of clinton emails by the state department. latest tranche


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